Whilst everything there is to know really is Curated & Bespoke’s dedication to the guests who travel, there is also the sincere apprecation of those guests who experience the stories told and who learn about the destinations. 

The Covid pandemic has certainly changed the world and altered our travel habits. It may even have led to everyone travelling differently and looking more for truly attentive and highly personalised services. This is exactly what Curated & Bespoke has always believed in and specialised in. The privacy and quality of privately guided experiences or transfer services and the atmosphere of outstanding luxury hotels or private guesthouses, characterised by genuine hospitality, are perhaps even more appreciated today than in the past.

So now, what is our story and who actually is behind the name?

Thomas Tritschler founded Curated & Bespoke born from an aspiration to create a business that had its own character and was based on his personal values and ethics.

Benefitting from the experiences of almost 40 years spent in international luxury hospitality and travel business, Thomas always has had an inherent passion for excellence and authenticity. Some of the world’s most prestigious hotels have left as much impact on his life’s journey as understated mountain chalets and genuinely simple hospitality.

With Curated & Bespoke he has established a unique boutique advisory firm for incoming travels to Europe. It is all in the name – Curated & Bespoke focuses exclusively on curating and tailoring bespoke travel itineraries to Germany for discerning individual travellers, with the commitment to exceed their expectations. 

Every trip is designed from scratch. None has ever been repeated and just as every guest has their own ideas of their personal interests, every single trip is highly individualised.

Curated & Bespoke aims to bring people together, offer sound advice and take an imaginative approach. And all this in the capacity of a manufacture that specialises in the art of travel and making human connections along the way.

Rich history, world-class craftsmanship, beautiful nature, family heritage or art and culture from several centuries are merely a few of many other topics worthwhile exploring, when travelling to this part of the world.

The journeys planned for each individual guest are unique. In joint discussions, it becomes clear what exactly is important for each individual guest. The result is then a truly tailor-made journey, created with passion and attention to detail, from the idea to the finished piece, which is truly handmade. Handmade in Germany.

For more inspiration on Germany, listen to acclaimed luxury travel expert Sarah Groen’s talk with Thomas Tritschler on Luxury Travel Insider. One episode of Sarah’s fabulous Luxury Travel Report podcast series covers Germany.

At the invitation of Virtuoso, the world’s leading network for luxury travel, Curated & Bespoke has become one of the preferred partners. Travel advisors and partners brought together in this consortium form a unique alliance of passion, experience, and expertise, based on personal relationships and first-hand experience. Curated & Bespoke and Virtuoso have many basic but important principles in common. Most important is careful selection – of the people one meets, the places one explores and the experiences one enjoys.