Whilst everything there is to know about us, really is our dedication to the guests travelling with us, there is also our apprecation of guests experiencing the stories we tell, about the destinations we know. 

The Covid pandemic has certainly changed the world and and altered our travel habits. It may even have led to everyone travelling differently and looking more for truly attentive and highly personalised services. This is exactly what we have always believed in and what Curated & Bespoke specialises in. The privacy and quality of privately guided experiences or transfer services and the atmosphere of outstanding luxury hotels or private guesthouses, characterised by genuine hospitality, are perhaps even more appreciated today than in the past.

So now, what is our story and who actually is behind the name?

Thomas Tritschler founded Curated & Bespoke in 2021, born from an aspiration to create a company which is very much its own kind and a business which is based on his personal values and ethics.

Benefitting from the experiences of almost 40 years spent in international luxury hospitality and travel business, Thomas always has had an inherent passion for excellence and authenticity. Some of the world’s most prestigious hotels have left as much impact on his career as understated mountain chalets and genuinely simple hospitality.

With Curated & Bespoke he establishes a unique boutique advisory firm for incoming travels to Europe. It is all in the name – we specialise in truly handmade travel trip planning and authentic experiences, and we plan those mainly throughout all of Germany, but also some of its neighbouring countries. 

Curated & Bespoke is aimed at connecting people, offering sound advise and, in all of this, taking an imaginative approach. We compose bespoke trips for individually travelling guests who are ideally curious and interested in exploring beyond the well-known travel experiences.

Rich history, world-class craftsmanship, beautiful nature, family heritage or art and culture from several centuries are merely a few of many other topics worthwhile exploring, when travelling to our part of the world.

Everything we do revolves around the people and partners we are grateful for, and to whom we feel closely connected. The trips we plan for each individual guest are unique. In joint discussions, we understand what is important to each individual guest. In the end, a tailor-made trip is created with passion and attention to detail, from the idea to the finished piece, which is truly handcrafted. Handmade in Germany. 

For more inspiration on our destination, listen to acclaimed luxury travel expert Sarah Groen’s talk with Thomas Tritschler on Luxury Travel Insider. One episode of Sarah’s fabulous Luxury Travel Report podcast series covers Germany.

In 2022, Curated & Bespoke became a Destination Master in XO Private. This unique network connects the world of luxury travel by bringing together a selection of the best destination specialists and travel designers from around the world.

Virtuoso, the world’s leading network for luxury travel, has invited Curated & Bespoke to join as a preferred partner in 2022. The travel advisors and partners brought together in this consortium form a unique alliance of passion, experience, and expertise, based on personal relationships and first-hand experience.

Curated & Bespoke and Virtuoso have many basic but important principles in common. Most important is careful selection – of the people one meets, the places one explores and the experiences one enjoys. With their shared focus on exclusivity, uniqueness and heritage preservation, Virtuoso and Curated & Bespoke are reinventing luxury travel for a new age.