castles and palaces

Castle Hohenzollern
Sanssouci Palace

Castles & Palaces in Germany and Austria are magnificent historical buildings of immense beauty that inspire legends and fairy tales.

A country with a great and rich history, Germany is home to some of the most spectacular castles, medieval fortresses and noble palaces in the world.

With more than 25.000 castles & palaces in Germany alone, visitors are spoilt for choice. From perfectly preserved and famous flagships such as Heidelberg Castle, Wartburg Castle or Eltz Castle – to lesser-known ruins of medieval fortresses and still privately owned highlights such as Castle Hohenzollern. Many of those imposing buildings are 1000 or more years old. 

When one thinks of Sanssouci Palace, you automatically see the famous silhouette of Frederick the Great in your mind’s eye, and the gem Linderhof Palace is inseparably linked with Ludwig II of Bavaria and attract thousands of visitors every year. On the other hand, there are many hidden champions everywhere, that are hardly known or marketed. Creating a bespoke experience in those settings, is what we enjoy most.

Other places enchant with their magnificent gardens. The baroque gardens of Hanover Herrenhausen, Weikersheim Palace, Nymphenburg Palace still invite to stroll along historic paths.

Few regions offer such a density and variety of castles and palaces as the Rhine Valley with countless defiant knights’ residences, fortified fortresses and enchatnting Baroque gems. Countless other regions offer equally enchanting historical buildings throughout Saxony and Thuringia or along the Danube, in Baden-Württemberg or Bavaria.

For inspiration on some of the most impressive palaces and gardens, follow this external link to the palaces and parks of Potsdam and Berlin on YouTube.