European craftsmanship is still very present today in numerous companies, cultural and scientific institutions. In Germany alone, the industries of high-quality craftsmanship represent a value added of more than 190 billion Euros, employing over 300.000 highly skilled specialists.

Craft stands for a culture of excellence based on intersectoral diversity. This in turn means unique quality and the highest creativity both in the conception and in the production and marketing of the product range.

Craftsmanship unites people, companies and institutions that stand for creativity, the highest quality and sustainability from Germany. The pride in outstanding, handmade products is enormous. We understand craftsmanship to range from the creation of the smallest handmade porcelain figurine, to world-class writing instruments, handmade paper, manually crafted organs, clarinets or violins, to the design and construction of some of the largest private yachts in the world. 

Visiting these manufactories and experiencing true craftsmanship, which is becoming rare, is always a unique and lasting memory. Enjoy a direct access to visit some of Germany’s finest manufactures for unique experiences and private behind-the scenes accessibility.