Europe’s landscape is just perfect for walking, from a leisurely stroll through flat fields to steep climbs up rough terrain and even alpine mountains. Each country certainly has tens of thousands of kilometres of walking trails, especially in Germany, many with magnificent views of impressive castles, pretty palaces, lush vineyards or even towering waterfalls. Have your lunch packed, enjoy the great outdoors and join the locals.

But Europe’s heartlands also offer world-class art museums, galleries, national treasures, monuments and memorials. Craftsmanship in Europe, and especially in Germany, is unique and still on the cutting edge. 

Architecture, fine arts, an abundance of local traditions, of bread, cakes, sausages and meats, from simple food to Michelin starred cuisine, the finest paintings and woodcarvings, authentic castles and palaces, inventions that have shaped the world and our modern way of life, composers and poets who have left their legacy to the world and sheer endless nature from lakes and mountains to the North Sea and Baltic coasts with their many pretty islands. There is so much to see and to experience, that a first trip to the European heartland can only be the beginning of a future love affair. 

The history of Europe, which has shaped all its member countries to this day, and especially the history of Germany, which shows how, in just over 150 years, a multitude of independent kingdoms and principalities have evolved into today’s modern democracy, all of this holds many stories that want to be told.

These descriptions are just a few of the experiences and activities that have been curated in the past. This list is by no means meant to be all encompassing and is a working and continuous process.

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There are different ways to do this. Either about the geographical destination in general, but even better about your interests.

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